Surprisingly Delicious Matzo

Vegan. Nut Free. Dairy Free. All Natural. 

(Your Mother would be impressed).

Surprisingly Delicious Matzo Ball Mix

Vegetarian! All Natural! No MSG! Makes floaters! Or sinkers! It’s soup for a group! Watch How!


    “Did you try the cinnamon-sugared with goat cheese?? You should try the cinnamon-sugared with goat cheese.”


    “You made this? How did you make this? It tastes just like matzo!”


    OMG - Just had smoked salmon, cream cheese and green onions on a Matzo Project Everything. Bye bye bagels!

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What started out as a good idea accidentally became a great cracker.

We wanted to make something that people wouldn't compare to cardboard.

What we got was...

Surprisingly Delicious Matzo.

Who says you can’t have it all... or at least some?

(I think it was Cousin Bernice, who’s always been a naysayer, frankly.)

Are We Kosher?

YES! (and also no.)

We are totally, real-deal, legit Kosher but... not certified for Passover

Our matzo is made to the highest standards, in small batches, the old fashioned way in a completely Kosher facility.

And we don't mean to show off, but both our products and packaging were reviewed and approved by the Rabbis of the Orthodox Union.

While we know many (less-observant) people who enjoy our matzo during the holiday, we really aim to be a year-round cracker and always encourage shopkeepers to place us with the secular salty snacks to avoid any confusion.

Those looking for the "K for P" certification? We're happy to be on your cheese plate the other 51 weeks of the year!

That said, we've been tinkering with all sorts of K for P, and even gluten-free, snacks... so you never know, someday, bubbelah.

unLeavenedLy yOurs,

Ashley, Kevin & The Matzo Project Crew

Just the (Nutrition) Facts.

All of our Matzo Flats, Matzo Chips, Matzo Ball Soup Kits and Matzo Ball Mix

are made in a nut-free and dairy free facility.

Click on the product for more details...

then go have a snack. 

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